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One of the leading manufacturers 
of composite sandwich panels and solution provider

Founded in 2012, HolyCore develops and manufactures various sandwich panels with excellent performance and also provides lightweight solutions for different applications…

Featured Products


LIGHTWEIGHT panels for commercial vehicles

HolyPan is an environmentally friendly sandwich panel, the skin is a mixture of glass fiber and polypropylene, which is compounded with a polypropylene honeycomb core by hot melting.

The surface of the panel can be painted with different colors, and it can be made into anti -Skid. Thanks to its light weight and high strength, HolyPan is mainly used for the wall panels and floors of various commercial trucks and trailers…

light weight

The honeycomb core structure effectively reduces the overall weight of the panel

high strength

The thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced polypropylene skin provdes ultra-high impact resistance


The polypropylene based panel is resistant to common chemicals

easy to fabricate

HolyPan can be connected with metal profiles with rivets or bolts easily

Freight Truck Body CKD Kits

We build, you assemble

By “CKD” kits, it means completely knock down kits, we pre-assemble the truck body and knock down it into several main parts, and when you receive these assembled parts you can build a complete box in a very short time with low labor cost.

Compared with other wall materials, the truck body made of HolyPan has a lighter weight, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption or increase the payload of the vehicle.


The dimension, color and material etc. of the box can be highly customized


Compared to traditional plywood box, HolyPan box is 30-40% lighter in weight

fast assembly

The assembly of the entire box only requires rivets and bolts

Quality Assurance

Fast and high-quality after-sales let you have no worries


HolyPan can be used in different applications


HolyPan is the perfect wall and roof materials for the  commercial truck bodies. The light weight could help reduce fuel cost, or just simply increase the payload…


Due to HolyPan’s thermoplasticity, you can build caravan boxes by welding, to  reduce the producing time of the RVs, and we also offer light weight solutions for the linterior parts…


With excellent anti skidding performance, hight UV resistance, high stifness, light weight and corrosion resistance, HolyPan could be used as scaffolding panels…


You have questions. wE have answers.

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How to order?

Regarding the PP honeycomb core or sandwich panels, we need to know the dimension, thickness and quantity you need, if possible please let us know your application, so we could recommend the right product for you.

What is the leading time?

Honeycomb Core Materials: 10 – 15 Days

Composite Sandwich Panels: 25 – 35 Days

CKD Kit: 30 – 45 Days

How to ship

In order to keep the panels or CKD kits safe, we suggest full container shipment

About Partnership

We are looking for business partnership over the world, currently we have distributors in UK, France, Germany, Denmark